Simplify and automate revenue recognition for rights sales process

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The proliferation of OTT platforms and more formats than ever before means there is a longer revenue tail. Add the complexity of new IFRS 15 norms and other changes in GAAPs which make accurate Revenue Recognition a big challenge. SAP’s Revenue Accounting and Reporting (SAP RAR) is a standard add-on, which can be leveraged to meet the existing compliance and disclosure requirements as well as new revenue guidelines.

It allows Media companies to record the sales contracts in the right way and create Performance Obligations on various methods like event based, time-based fulfilment and others. The tool brings in high level of automation reducing laborious manual tasks significantly, automating financial postings while improving the accuracy of revenue reporting.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How SAP RAR can help you comply with new statutory regulations for revenue recognition, such as IFRS 15, while supporting existing requirements
  • How to gain the flexibility you need to support different revenue recognition methods as well as multi-element scenarios in today’s complex media world
  • How Invenio helped The BBC studios to simplify their sales process and automate revenue recognition
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