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Unless managed carefully, the testing phase of any adjustment to the SAP environment can be a time-consuming and costly exercise, sometimes delaying the project go-live dates significantly. SAP now offers a fully functioning Test Suite which is freely available to SAP Solution Manager users. The tool’s analysis determines what needs to be tested and provides reusable test plans and scrips creating a faster and more accurate, centralised testing environment.

The Test Suite is a full-blown application for manual and automated testing for SAP and non-SAP solutions. Built to support SAP’s agile development approach, its also an integral part of SAP’s Focus Build application. The tool includes;

Manual and automated functional tests which enable faster testing for routine assessment areas and highlights sections for more in-depth manual testing

Customisable KPI driven dashboards for faster analysis and decision making customisable for different departments and security levels

Single source of truth in one central Solution Manager system, with no complex data replications

Invenio will help your company to create a structured methodology for the testing phase. Based on a tried and tested framework, designed for your business demands, Test Suite will deliver a faster and more comprehensive testing phase. Contact us today to talk to a consultant.

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