SAP Monitoring

Monitoring to ensure maximum efficiency across your SAP environment

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The SAP landscape at Enterprise level is complex with disparate elements of multitiered applications. Our SAP Monitoring service will keep your systems running to maximum efficiency across the network with 24/7 monitoring for critical areas.

Detect issues early and prevent major disruptions by proactively monitoring the general health of the IT landscape with;

Based on SAP’s UI5 technology, SAP Monitoring provides a status overview of technical systems, including their associated instances, databases and hosts. Our SAP Monitoring service includes;

1. System Monitoring - extended support possible for mission critical projects

2. Enhanced End Users Experience - proactive monitoring establishes seamless system availability for each user

3. Business Process - business critical processes will be monitored against thresholds to detect any issues

4. Application Monitoring - proactive, automated monitoring helps ensure reliable operation of SAP systems

5. Database Monitoring - effective monitoring of database in-memory resources and processes

A 3 step process to improved system monitoring:

1. Invenio assessment of your current system

2. SAP Monitoring configuration and set up

3. 24/7 support for mission critical projects

Achieve a responsive and reliable landscape by contacting Invenio to discuss your options.

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