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Personalised information for key stakeholders across the organisation

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Managing the information flow to stakeholders is key to successful project delivery. Insufficient updates or information overload will slow down progress or derail the project. Part of the SAP Solution Manager toolbox is the essential Focused Insights tool delivering real-time dashboards to multiple stakeholders reducing complexity for better decision making.

Focused Insights builds and distributes powerful dashboards that aggregate, unify and correlate data from multiple sources in minutes. With over 800 best-practice KPIs to select from, the dashboards are built to provide tailored information for various stakeholders across the organisation;

Operations view

  • Design custom specialised views
  • Builds hierarchies and aggregated indicators
  • Optimises resource usage

Executives Strategic View

  • Aligns IT organisation with corporate strategy
  • Measures service performance and progresses
  • Communicates the organisation’s strategic objectives

Governance View

  • Controls solution status and trends against the forecasts
  • Complies with service level agreements
  • Provides early identification of good and bad trends

The dashboards can be built from scratch to provide the perfect level of granularity for each department, enabling fast understanding of essential information for more informed and accurate decision making.

Our highly experienced consultants will set-up and enable Focused Insights to deliver the dashboards you need in 4 weeks, with training available for all users. Talk to one of our consultants for more information.

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