Data Volume Management (DVM)

A holistic data management tool to lower operating costs

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As the complexity and ability of systems grow, so does the volume of data across your system. Being able to control, manage and gain visibility over which data is valuable and which can be discarded, is vital to keep your system running at optimal levels. Our technical consultants will install SAP’s Data Volume Management system to enable:

The Invenio team will create an efficient and compliant data environment with the Data Volume Management tool using the following steps:

  • Monitor – proactive monitoring of data distribution, growth rates and savings potential
  • Notify - reactive handling of deviations from DVM compliance
  • Analyse - evaluate origin of data, data quality and date reduction possibilities
  • Optimise - optimise storage costs and data life cycle
  • Report - prove value to business

Our technical consultants have years of experience implementing DVM across a wide variety of businesses – a process which normally takes 4 to 8 weeks. Book an appointment now to discuss how we’re able to help your business.

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