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Driven by years of B2B experience with global enterprises and deep industry knowledge, Invenio has created innovative Conversational AI solutions which drive efficiency to deliver rapid time-to-value.

Our deep understanding of these business processes means we deliver in 3 key areas to reduce inefficiency:

Invenio have developed services for the following areas;

Employee Helpdesk

Ease the frustration of simple IT & HR requests by solving the issues instantly. Unlock users, password resets, service request handling, authentication, leave / travel requests can all be effectively handled by our conversational AI offering.

Procurement Assistant:

We keep processes moving with a virtual colleague who can answer questions and perform tasks on the departments’ behalf. Query PO approval, invoice status, requisition history by users, view contract details, check invoice status, view open items, payment terms and display list of PO created by vendors, can all be managed by our solution.

Finance Management:

We make company to company interactions seamless and more accurate. Creating a query on an open item by the vendor themselves or being able to view the account balance online saves time and creates a professional reliable service for all vendors.

Plant Maintenance

Reducing time wastage costs is essential, now more than ever. We can effectively minimise the time employees spend on querying maintenance order details, raising requests for faulty parts, tracking the status of the production process or creating a query on stock inventory.

Go live in 4 weeks. How to get started:

Week 1 – Design phase
We capture your specific needs for the company and advise on the best use of Conversational AI to deliver the optimal results.

Week 2 – Develop Phase
We configure the platforms and integrations while we build the Conversational AI and undergo initial testing.

Week 3 – Training

We conduct training sessions, user testing and fix any bugs at this stage.

Week 4 – Go live

We launch the Conversational AI system and carry out improvements.

Request a half day free discovery workshop

Work with our design team to create a Conversational AI strategy that works for your company to deliver maximum ROI;

  • Create a business case specifically for your company
  • Experience Conversational AI in action
  • Plan business, technical and user experience deliverables
  • Set success criteria and performance measurements

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