Custom Code Lifecycle Management (CCLM)

Transparent operations with optimised code

Hero images custom code lifecyle management

Implement SAP Solution Manager’s CCLM tool for increased visibility across your custom code to reduce manual efforts for future updates and decrease TCO across the SAP landscape. CCLM effectively manages customer developments from requirement to retirement.


Programs which have not been used for 12 months + are highlighted for decommissioning to help create a more efficient SAP environment

Quality assessment

The tool identifies the quality of code using Quality Cockpit which rates objects as low, medium or high quality, displayed in graph format

Cost reduction

Optimised code will reduce the efforts required during an upgrade or conversion and minimise the number of objects to maintain

Better control

Create a streamlined framework for improved governance and roadmap for future transformations


Reduce error rates with automatic usage and quality checks

Transparency and awareness

Ownership and object tracking to create clearer visibility for easier maintenance

Setting up CCLM

Our highly experienced consultants will set up CCLM with KPI enablement in as little as two months. Contact us now to setup a session to discuss your requirements.

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