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S/4HANA represents a revolutionary step forward in the world of business management software. With the new and improved functionality on offer, we have no doubt that it will quickly become central to conducting business in today’s complex and radically changing environment.

Whether you need to choose a new SAP ERP solution to implement from the ground up or migrating your existing SAP Business Suite, there are some benefits to choosing S/4HANA;


S/4HANA runs exclusively on SAP HANA, SAP’s flagship in-memory computing database. This means that programmes like S/4HANA can take full advantage of the outstanding transaction, processing and reporting speeds native to SAP HANA. Functions that usually run in minutes take a matter of seconds, allowing you to achieve optimal business performance and a higher level of customer care using real-time data.


S/4HANA is the most user-friendly, flexible SAP solution to hit the market, with an end user interface completely driven by SAP Fiori (known for its high quality, simplified user experience). This means that organisations are able to create bespoke, understandable business insights based on real-time data from anywhere they choose – a significant advantage when it comes to making important business decisions.


If there was one word to sum up SAP S/4HANA, it would be simplicity. With this highly streamlined solution, businesses are able to manage their IT landscape effortlessly, in a manner never seen before. When coupled with business wide cloud adoption, SAP S/4HANA centralises and unifies hardware and network resources for ultimate business performance.


In the current climate, cloud adoption is at the forefront of technological innovation within business, and SAP S/4HANA is one of the primary driving forces behind it. The cloud has opened up a wide platform for different software vendors to experiment and provide a range of innovative products for business use, all of which expands the vast capabilities of S/4HANA.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

While it might not seem so on the surface, the adoption of S/4HANA is actually an incredibly cost-efficient solution. This is primarily because with it, businesses are able to combine the analytical and transactional capabilities of multiple different systems into a single solution – reducing overheads and providing centralised control. Removing the need for manual report collection from these different sources saves time and effort while providing far more accurate, detailed results.

S/4 Migration Approaches

Every company is at a very different stage of SAP S/4HANA readiness and there is no single recommended route to migration. Greenfield (implementing a new system) and Brownfield (updating an existing systems) both have their advantages and challenges. Invenio will review your database, platform, configuration and business processes to define an approach considering both migration methodologies to find a unique plan delivering the results you need for your business. Whichever approach is taken, Invenio use an automated tool for custom code migration which speeds up the migration process while driving down costs.

Transition Overview & Strategies

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