SAP Tax & Revenue Management

SAP Tax & Revenue Management is used worldwide to increase collections and maximise taxpayer compliance. The solution helps administrators deliver tax collection and revenue management solutions, with a single taxpayer view that supports multiple revenue types.

Improved collection

Accept multiple payment methods and automate reminders and calculations

Improved compliance

Use set rules to enforce compliance with enhanced consistency checks during tax form submission

Fraud Detection

Curb tax evasion and detect tax evasion more efficiently

Customer care

Improve the taxpayer experience with online returns & more personalised customer care

Lifecycle management

Public sector bodies worldwide are using SAP Tax & Revenue Management to manage the complete lifecycle of tax returns and assessments. The solution includes the following capabilities:

Assessment Processing

  • Accelerated tax return processing
  • Central taxpayer view
  • Adjust to legislation and policy changes quickly
  • Personalised, device and channel-agnostic customer experience

Taxpayer Online Services

  • Simple electronic interface speeds processing
  • Enforce compliance through prefilling & consistency checks
  • Enhanced liquidity by offering option to pay instantly

Payment Management

  • Automate receivables management and payments
  • Offer flexible payment options, including instant payment
  • Avoid uncollected revenue by integrating customer care & dispute management
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