SAP HANA is a platform that brings together database, data processing and application platforms with predictive and business analytics. Invenio's significant experience across media & technology, manufacturing and public sector means that you partner with a business that understands the challenges inherent in your industry, and implements SAP HANA in a manner that will be focused around your processes and objectives.

Financial Reporting and Royalty Payments

We can deploy SAP FICO to ensure robust reporting and reliable royalty payments

Data aggregation

Remove data silos and aggregate your data into one single platform, with access to all users for analysis

Real-time data

Disseminate multiple views and information models in real-time

SAP Business Suite

Increase SAP HANA adoption to supercharge your SAP Business Suite

The power of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is more than just a database. It's a single platform that aggregates structured and unstructured data, delivering rapid, real-time access to help you process high-speed transactions and analytics. Meeting the challenges of transactional data storage and retrieval, forecasting, sensing and understanding, SAP HANA accelerates the pace of innovation within your organisation.


Database services

Take action in the moment with in-memory database services that process transactions and analytics at speed. Manage large database volumes with multi-tier storage.

Data access

You can get a full and accurate view of your business by accessing data from any source, internal or external. Increase your confidence in making the right decisions by ensuring data quality.

App development

Develop next-generation applications that combine analytics with transactions, and make them available on any device. With best-in-class development tools, you can deliver a truly personalised experience.


Keep your business running smoothly and effectively, regardless of device or location. With tools that help you monitor processes, ensure data and application security and achieve continuous availability, you can simplify your system administration and IT operations.

Analytics processing

The real value of data is whether it can tell you something you didn't already know. With SAP HANA, you can use in-memory processing capabilities - text, predictive, spatial, graph, streaming, time series - to get answers to any business question and make smart decisions in real-time.


SAP HANA comes with robust identity and access management controls. This helps keep your communications, data storage and application services secure. This comes with leading-edge software security, patching and encryption. SAP HANA also comes with a dashboard to display all KPIs related to security.

SAP HANA explained

Why Invenio

As an award-winning Gold SAP Partner, we provide a hands-on approach, with two live SAP HANA servers in our Delhi office available for pilot. Our dedicated SAP HANA team attends regular workshops and training sessions and has attained the highest qualifications available.

Furthermore, our in-depth knowledge of the technology, media & entertainment, manufacturing & pharmaceutical industries, means that we understand your unique challenges and how SAP HANA can help you translate those challenges into opportunities.

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