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Invenio has SAP Recognised Expertise in the Public Sector and understands Public Sector better than anyone. We have helped governments around the world improve revenue collection and modernise their systems. We are the largest SAP Tax & Revenue Management practice across the world. Discover how our in-depth knowledge of Tax & Revenue Management, allied with SAP, can benefit you.

Why Invenio for SAP Tax & Revenue?

We understand that Tax & Revenue Management (TRM) is a critical function in public sector organisations. With legacy, bespoke systems, local and central government departments struggle to meet targets. We have worked with Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the Maldives, Mauritius, Barbados and Fiji to implement SAP TRM, introducing e-government and service improvements with a consistent focus around the taxpayer.

Some highlights include:

  • Greater revenue capability
    We help strengthen revenue collection capability
  • Modern automation systems
    We automate and improve tax collection systems
  • Cleansing & migrating
    We help cleanse and migrate millions of data records from legacy systems

Why SAP for Tax & Revenue?

  • Deliver key online services to your customers on desktop and mobile devices
  • Drive efficiency gains, tangible cost savings and increased revenue
  • Achieve transparency and accountability across your organisation
  • Ensure value for money across public spending initiatives
  • Flexibly adapt to changing tax rules and laws
  • Integrate different government data sources and validate accurate tax returns

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