Invenio has partnered with SAP to deliver rapidly deployable solutions that allow growing pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to improve operations, stimulate innovation and development, maintain regulatory compliance and increase revenue. Our deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, aligned with our expertise in SAP, means we meet your challenges head on.

Anyone can give you SAP support, but it is true partnership and trust that's important. That's what Invenio gives us. Bhavesh Godhanis, IT Director, Advanz Pharma (Formerly Concordia International)

Discover how Advanz Pharma (Formerly Concordia International) found the perfect partner in Invenio

Here's how Invenio and SAP can enhance organisational performance:

Streamlined development

SAP streamlines drug development by integrating product design with documentation, quality assurance, sourcing and pilot plant ramp-up

Real-time collaboration

SAP also streamlines medical device design & development by enabling real-time collaboration between design teams, customers and partners

Compliance and quality

Greater product safety and compliance by embedding compliance and quality planning in the development process

Enhanced R&D

Greatly enhanced R&D processes with full visibility into project costs, schedules and resources, as well as portfolio performance


Increased flexibility thanks to improved warehouse efficiency and rapid response to challenges and changes in supply & demand

Real-time visibility

Optimised inventories as well as sales & operations planning with real-time visibility of inventories, shipments and receipts

Track-and-trace compliance

Compliance with all serialisation and track-and-trace regulations, with complete visibility and traceability of goods across the global supply chain

Predictive activities

Predictable and flexible orchestration of supply chain activities, from planning to order fulfilment to align demand and supply across business functions

Real-time visibility

Improve communication and prevent failures with real-time visibility into operations, with robust analysis capabilities

Quality management

Comply with manufacturing regulations using closed-loop quality management, meeting quality specifications and reducing rejects


Capture and evaluate laboratory measurements


Gain a deeper understanding of patients and run targeted marketing strategies across all channels


Identify new market opportunities by discovering, segmenting and targeting


Improve sales effectiveness with enhanced collective intelligence on an omnichannel platform

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