Invenio’s customer The Standard Group wins SAP Quality Award

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Reading, United Kingdom – 24th of March 2016 – It was announced today that the Kenyan media conglomerate, The Standard Group (TSG), won the Bronze SAP Quality Award in the Fast Delivery category, following the implementation of SAP ERP and IS-Media solution, implemented by Invenio. The project continued for just 6 months and led to the successful transition from a manually operated system to a fully automated business. The award was achieved due to the quick and cost-efficient implementation of the SAP ERP solution to TSG.

The SAP Quality Awards are given every year to customers for successful implementations and delivery excellency of SAP solutions. For a customer to receive an award, the requirement is to use SAP’s ten quality principles to complete an effective, fast, low cost implementation, with simplified business processes and deliver significant business benefits to the organisation.

In the TSG project, Invenio played a central role as lead implementation partner and continues to provide ongoing technical support. The integration to a fully automated system has successfully streamlined the sales and returns process for TSG. This led to the significant reduction of the fraud and revenue leakages which TSG was experiencing. The application of the SAP solutions also helped the centralisation of the customer and vendor information, so they could provide a more focused customer service experience. It also reduced data maintenance to free up time for TSG employees to focus on important tasks that drive growth. Through the centralised SAP credit management solution, which Invenio implemented, TSG now has complete visibility across every line of business. This is especially important in tracking outstanding customer debt which was negatively impacting the business. By automating its business processes, TSG now has full visibility and can make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Arun Bala, Chief Operating Officer, Invenio comments, “We want to congratulate our customer, The Standard Group, for winning this internationally recognised award. It was a pleasure for Invenio to work with them and we are looking forward to future projects.”

Orlando Lyomu, Group Finance Director & Chief Operations Officer – Support Services, comments, “We, at The Standard Group Limited, are proud to have emerged as Bronze winners in the Fast Delivery category. That we achieved this after competing against the best in Africa, speaks to the hard work and dedication that went into the project. A big appreciation goes to the teams that worked tirelessly to ensure the project was a success”.


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