Invenio Business Solutions boosts Customer Focus with new Customer Experience Programme

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Reading, 24 January 2020 – Invenio Business Solutions is delighted to announce its partnership with Deep-Insight, an organisation experienced in assessing relationship quality and running customer experience programmes. The tailored programme will enable Invenio to better understand customer needs, address concerns, and implement measures to enhance relationships and the customer experience itself.

Since 2017, the IT consultancy has doubled in size and anticipates more change in the coming years. Invenio’s leadership team recognise the business’s rapid growth, including the need to maintain core values, while evolving the organisation’s culture as it matures.

Keeping ‘Customer Focus’ at the forefront, the new Customer Experience Programme will be action and insight orientated, facilitating interventions as soon as customer issues arise, and ultimately becoming key to the annual account planning process. This investment is integral to all future activities at Invenio – a tangible commitment to integrate the customer voice across global business units.

Deep-Insight’s approach is multifaceted, based on the view that to achieve a truly customer-centric organisation requires a roadmap of careful planning and execution. The in-depth assessment will identify gaps and help build lasting customer relationships with personalised plans across each account.

At Invenio, listening to customers and strengthening relationships is imperative to delivering exceptional experiences, and ultimately, to achieving the business’s core purpose of being the most trusted and valued partner in its customers’ success.

Arun Bala, CEO at Invenio commented: “My focus has been and will continue to be on delivering success for Invenio’s customers while driving transparency and value delivery through all customer engagements. Partnering with Deep-Insight to enhance our customers’ experiences is a fantastic investment for us, I look forward to driving this initiative with the team there.”

John O’Connor CEO at Deep-Insight: “We’re delighted to come on board and support Invenio on its Customer Experience journey. We’re looking forward to employing the skills, tools and methodologies to help Invenio employees operate a world-class Customer Experience Programme.”


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