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At invenioLSI, we believe that conflict in the digital age requires a digital army that can relentlessly out-compete its adversaries, seamlessly integrate with partners and enable our people, equipment and resources to operate with maximum efficiency. It will be underpinned by a digital backbone that delivers hyper-connectivity to leverage high quality, secure, and extensive data, all driven by a digitally talented workforce.

THEIA, the Army’s Digital Transformation Programme, is central to the delivery of its digital vision.

THEIA’s objectives are to:

  1. Change digital culture and behaviours, equipping our people with digital skills and promoting new digital ways of working.
  2. Integrate all information from command and control, intelligence, sensors, effectors and platforms across domains, partners and allies.
  3. Deliver better data and enabling and better operational and corporate competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness.

At invenioLSI, we are in full support of THEIA - and it is our mission to empower the MOD globally with tools to defend and protect our communities.

Creating technology to make the difference

With the THIEA objectives at the core of our offering we and can help realise these long-term commitments whilst understanding the ever present budget challenges. We have a range of support we're able to offer, including:

  • Digital Estate
  • Army Estate-Wide Open Internet Access
  • Equipment Information Exploitation
  • Digital Army Personnel Processes
  • Foundation of Digital Skills
  • Digitalising the Field Army

How we work...

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invenioLSI Approach to Innovate

An insight exploitation capability can provide a use case driven approach based on business outcomes

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