To be a market leader in today’s manufacturing industry, innovation and rapid response to customer demands are vital. SAP is helping manufacturers tackle these challenges with reliable solutions, created specifically for the industry. With S/4HANA, manufacturers are able to react faster to variable market demands, predict operational issues and streamline manufacturing performance overall with one single source of live information. 

Why Invenio and SAP provides the best solution for Manufacturers

The application helps you improve efficiency, transparency and best practice adoption while reducing production time, costs and inventory levels. You can offer customers more innovative, higher quality products and get them to market quickly. 

SAP at the heart of your solution provides the ability to control the production of every single unit to boost production quality. The regulatory compliance with unit-level traceability and reporting will ensure high standards of quality are always maintained.

What’s more, Invenio can help you simplify operations and your IT landscape as the solution is highly flexible and extendible while running seamlessly with your SAP ERP integration.

S/4HANA - the single source of live information

SAP designed SAP S/4HANA as a digital core, a single holistic solution that encompasses enterprise planning, manufacturing execution and service. SAP S/4HANA enables planning and execution processes to operate together with the capacity to connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to automatically respond to fluctuating signals, as well as to provide predictive indicators for preventative maintenance and product services. Invenio's deep expertise in manufacturing and SAP S/4HANA will help you in this journey. 

With SAP S/4HANA providing the most current information on demand, manufacturing processes, resources and capacity are tightly aligned to market and customer demands to ensure optimal production efficiency and timely delivery of products. The holistic, single source solution provides transparency and capabilities for end-to-end analysis.

SAP S/4HANA for the manufacturing industry

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