Invenio Broadcast Management System

The Invenio Broadcast Management Solution is built on SAP. It integrates and streamlines the whole broadcasting process, from programming, scheduling, airtime sales and traffic to reconciliation and billing. The result; improved productivity and proven efficiencies. 

Optimise the Value of your Content

Our solution helps broadcasters get the most out of their content and improve advertising scheduling. Take advantage of increased collaboration across departments to make more informed business decisions in real-time, get the edge on competitors and achieve a rapid return on investment. Highlights include:

Single Consolidated Repository

Keep all broadcasting content in one place, from programs & movies to logos, etc

Calculate break sequences

Capture slot duration and net duration of programs and breaks

Define relationships

Define parent and child relationships between channels

Carry out checks

Validate QC checks before content goes on air

Approval workflow

Configurable multi-level approval workflow based on contract value

All broadcasting scenarios

Spot buys, sponsorship, branding, secondary advertisements, etc

Unique inventories

Each booking has its own inventory and selling price

Credit management functionality

Minimise credit risks and bad debts

Flexible billing cycles

Define billing cycles in customer master record, e.g. daily, weekly, etc

Robust SAP accounting

Standard SAP accounting document generated & revenue posted to FI module

Background scheduling

Billing of sales orders can run in the background


Ability to view discrepancies and reconcile planned day type with actual before billing

Promo plan

Define promo plans within required air time

Schedule commercials

Ability to schedule commercials in promo inventory to maximise advertisement revenue


Promote across channels within the same channel network

Create promos

Ability to create promos with features and special events

Create multiple planners

Create multiple planners for the same channel and date range

Drag and drop

Drag and drop programs and features from a master & schedule with ease

Long-term planning

Planning at channel level for the required date range based on policies

Assign episodes

Assign episodes to programs at planner level & assign break sequences

Booking manager

Place requested and booked spots at schedule level with booking manager

Auto placement

Bulk auto placement function saves time and increases operational efficiency

Highly configurable

Coloured time bands and content types, e.g. segments, promos, commercials, etc

In-depth reporting

Schedule provides analytical view in multiple formats - graph, table, pie chart, etc

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