Invenio Ad Management

Based on SAP, our Ad Management solution helps you manage your ad operations more efficiently. Operating across different media and delivering a real-time inventory, the solution is built specifically for today's fragmented digital world.

Maximise Ad Revenue

Our Ad Management Solution is built for the digital age. Most importantly, it's built to help you boost your ad revenue through customised offers and packages based on advertiser preferences. The real-time inventory gives sales teams the opportunities to capitalise on dynamic and volatile markets. Features include:

End-to-end solution

Identify areas of profitability with a unified platform that brings together all ad channels

System-driven processes

Enable dynamic pricing or discounting for customers based on past performance

Customer insights

Offer the right advertising services based on customer behaviour, with a 360-degree view of customer accounts

Real-time inventory

Analyse current and historic data to optimise sales

Customisable offers

Personalise your offer to the customer with bundled schemes and packages

Improved customer satisfaction

Boost revenue by extending ad booking deadlines through integrated systems

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