invenioLSI Broadcast Management Solution

Integrate and streamline your broadcasting process, to create new efficiencies.

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Broadcasters want to get the most out of their content, enhance advertising schedules, and satisfy their audiences. Our experts can help you manage end-to-end flows, from high-level planning to detailed scheduling, and increase collaboration across departments, using our Broadcast Management Solution, built on SAP.

How invenioLSI Broadcast Management can benefit your business:

Optimise the value of your content

Program Management

• One consolidated repository

• Break sequences calculation

• QC checks validation

Promo Management

• Define promo plan

• Create promos with features and special events

• Cross-channel promotion

Airtime Sales

• Schedule commercials to maximise ad revenue

• Broadcasting scenarios and unique inventory for each booking

• Credit management functionality


• Create multiple planners

• Long-term planning at channel level

• Assign episodes to programs


• Flexible billing cycles

• Robust SAP accounting

• Reconciliations


• Unified reporting from planning to actual airing

• Inventory availability reporting

• Commercial reports by customer and program

Media & Entertainment
"Invenio is a proven specialist in the media industry and they demonstrated this with multiple workshops and client site visits." Orlando Lyomu, Finance Director, The Standard Group

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