Introduction of VAT in the Middle East

2018 will see the introduction of VAT in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia and the UAE the first to launch. Having implemented the General Authority of Saudi Arabia's (GAZT) Tax & Revenue Management system, including their VAT and Excise system, Invenio are the perfect partner to create your VAT solution in SAP.

How will the VAT introduction affect your SAP IT infrastructure?

The Invenio SAP consultants are experts in defining business processes and designing the most effective solution to get the most out of your investment. They will be able to assess the impact across all your business departments to see how functions such as supply chain, cash flow, procurement and invoicing will be affected. 

Your IT infrastructure will need to be adjusted to enable the correct VAT coding of accounts payable and receivable transactions with appropriate internal controls and processes which are VAT compliant across all business functions. 

Our in-depth knowledge of the new legislation will ensure that your IT infrastructure and business processes are aligned and 100% compliant come 2018. 

Managing an effective VAT implementation on your SAP system

A VAT implementation project should focus on the fundamental areas of people, processes and technology, ensuring the project can move to business-as-usual in a sustainable way.

Download our VAT implementation brochure

If you are running an SAP system, Invenio are able to help you prepare for the new VAT introduction. Find out more by downloading our brochure and getting in touch.

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