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ML Ops & Data Science development reimagined.

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The invenioLSI Innovation Lab: Fast-track Collaborative Innovation

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As organisations around the world are going through a period of digital transformation, bring fresh thinking to established industry problems. Challenge long established cost centres. Find new ways to optimise business processes or provide break-through solutions for your consumers or partners.

The invenioLSI's Approach:

The invenioLSI Innovation lab is a proven framework to accelerate digital transformation with business value innovation.
Our process cuts across traditional organisational and geographical boundaries to create an elite team to fuel creativity. This hand-picked team will work with clients to solve specific challenges with disruptive innovation on an accelerated timescale.

Business Value Driven Digital Transformation

We focus digital transformation on areas that have significant business value informed by key industry challenges that directly influence how organisations make and lose money. We tackle longstanding and established problems to turn them into truly transformational solutions which in turn shift the share price. We could help deliver solutions such as:

  • Water leakage detection - detect leads with 85% accuracy 21 days early
  • Pipeline inspection - identify defects with 100% accuracy and 50% reduction in cycle time
  • Utility energy​ optimisation​ - 30% energy cost reduction in water pumping
  • Bad debt prediction and recovery - 80% accuracy in invoice late payment forecasting
  • Call centre compliance - Increased call sampling coverage and up to 90% staffing reduction

The invenioLSI Digital Transformation Approach

With the power of Cloud, Digital, Intelligent Automation and connected technologies, digital transformation is rapidly expanding across industries, on a global scale. Our approach at Invenio is to create an actionable insight driven transformation approach, enabling large organisations to manage datasets ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Our methodology automates the entire data analysis workflow, providing a more efficient and comprehensive insights.

Solution Development Reimagined

Co-locate with us to develop prototypes, business cases, and architectures….all while understanding the latest development tools and methods

Expose your team to the disruptions and issues that are impacting your sector.​

Engage with the latest startups and technology players to understand emerging technologies

Understand and apply emerging technologies like Cloud, Big Data and IOT

Work with a multi- disciplinary team with strategists, designers, architects, startups and partners and thought leaders

Have access to IinvenioLSI’s best IP, showcases, customer stories and refined process to drive innovation

Fast-tracked Innovation

With Innovation at the heart of how we work at invenioLSI, our teams don’t just generate reports that people cannot respond to, we deliver smart analytics that are actionable and transformational.

Our framework allows us to work in sprints to establish proof-of-value quickly and progress into a test scenario in as little as 4 weeks:

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