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The transition to digital manufacturing has increased due to the rise in the quantity and quality of computer systems. And with digital technology embedded into our lives, the amount of data generated by smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) is unprecedented.

Migrating to smarter infrastructures has opened up significant opportunities to leverage the available data insights, in real-time. Business can apply mature data science and machine learning (ML) technologies to drive automation, intelligent decisions on the fly, and feedback loops with no manual intervention.

Our AI Analytics and Data capabilities:

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Predictive Maintenance Analytics - Assurance Risk Model

Assurance Predictive Maintenance Analytics can be applied to:

Predict water leakage for water utilities with 80% confidence, days in advance

Provide assurance to Oil & Gas pipeline inspection companies to look for risk features

Predict equipment or parts failure for various manufacturing or linear assets

Avenues to look for sustainability and carbon-neutral initiatives

Predict safety and HSE aspects

How does it work?

Affirmative Scoring takes various data sets, assets, GIS, work orders, plan and maintenance, and applies various mathematical, statistical and advanced predictive model techniques. The model segments the assets into low, medium and high risk areas.

The low-risk assets segments can leverage automation processes to drive efficiencies and productivity, while the high risk areas can be dealt with using proactive and predictive maintenance intervention strategies.

Our approach

Our approach at Invenio is to create an actionable insight driven transformation approach, enabling organisations to manage datasets ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Our methodology automates the entire data analysis workflow, providing a more efficient and comprehensive insights. Our experts can help you address unique business challenges, while adding real business value, using our unique Invenio approach:

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We have over 15 years of experience serving high-profile organisations in the private sector. We enable enterprises to build and refine their operations and processes, build new services, and optimise solutions to give businesses an intuitive, efficient digital system. We offer end-to-end Digital Manufacturing Analytics solutions across data integration, risk modelling, visualisation, data science and machine learning models, and business intelligence (BI):

  • Data integration: enables risk modelling and geospatial overlay of data onto the pipelines
  • Risk modelling: semi-quantitative risk model applied to liquid and gas pipelines near real-time
  • Data / Risk visualisation: Geospatial map:
  • Pipeline
  • Data sets overlaid onto the map as layers
  • Risk scores applied to pipeline
  • Filtering of pipelines by attribute
  • Machine learning: forecasting and predictive capabilities from past data trends
  • Reporting tools: data completeness reports; exportable

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