SPP Pumps replace their legacy system to surpass the competition

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SPP Pumps is a well-established manufacturer of industrial pumps. For more than 130 years they have been a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and associated systems. SPP Pumps and systems are installed across the world providing valuable high integrity services for diverse industries, such as oil and gas production, water and waste water treatment, power generation, construction, mines and large industrial plants. With over 300 staff employed worldwide, SPP Pumps are truly global organisation.

The Business Challenges

Over the past few years, SPP had found themselves doubling in both size and profitability. While this was a welcome development, their existing business system was starting to feel the strain. The system, which had supported the business for the last 20 years, now offered very limited capabilities and struggled to provide the necessary functionality for their business going forward.

In order to do this, SPP needed to replace the ageing, inflexible legacy system with a modern SAP system, along with improving efficiency as the business expands and implement a faster, more accurate financial management and reporting function.

Invenio's Solution

Understanding that an SAP implementation is a rather complex undertaking, SPP enlisted the help of Invenio’s team of experts. Working with SPP’s technical team, Invenio held a series of workshops in order to assess the exact requirements. Invenio then designed and implemented a 175-seat solution that encompassed finance, cost controlling, materials management, production planning, sales, distribution, customer service, quality management and warehouse management. This comprehensive SAP solution also allowed Invenio to:


Actively lead and manage the service field SAP and ServiceMax integration process. This was identified as the only complete field service software solution that would help SPP manage contracts, scheduling and parts efficiently. It also contains the capability to manage social, portals and analytics delivered direct to any mobile device, allowing room for growth and expansion into new business areas.

Inbound-outbound interfaces

Develop inbound-outbound interfaces for Masters between SAP ECC and ServiceMax systems. The team also designed, executed and implemented a SAP Custom interface to connect third party systems such as ServiceMax with SAP to facilitate the exchange of data in synchronising mode.


Manage the rollout of the system in multiple countries using Project ASAP (accelerated SAP) implementation technology. This allowed them to optimise time, people, quality and other resourced using proven methodology.

Dedicated interfaces

Created dedicated interfaces for customer services and inventory.

Digital Supply Chain
"Invenio's project management skills are excellent and the team here on site are very well matched in terms of skills and experience." Damian Hudson, Information Systems Manager, SPP Pumps

Invenio were brought on board very rapidly in order to address these urgent needs, and the team were able to design and deliver a complex solution tailored to SPP’s exact requirements. This solution not only provided exemplary support for current operations and allowed for future growth, but managed the historical business processes into the new conventional SAP solution successfully.

The Results

Once this comprehensive solution had been put in place, SPP immediately saw positive results. This significant investment in their business processes has provided them with a secure system base that can support and sustain future growth. Already SPP have seen improved business integration using a single standard platform to manage all core business processes. This gave them enhanced global visibility, faster, more accurate financial reporting across all geographical locations and increased support for business change. The solution also included support for a continuous improvement programme, enabling SPP to successfully meet the challenges of a dynamic, changing business. SPP has also seen:

  • Real-time access to higher quality information
  • Increased employee satisfaction with simple and centralised access to information
  • Simplified supply chain planning
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