Mayur Uniquoters update and streamline their SAP framework

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Mayur Uniquoters are the single largest manufacturer of artificial leather and PVC vinyl in India. Since their formation in 1994, they have experienced phenomenal growth year on year, even making their way into the ‘Forbes Asia top 200 under $1Bn enterprises’ in the Asia Pacific region. They place a high value on customer satisfaction and forward thinking, which has become embedded in the culture of the business as it continues to grow.

The Business Challenges

Like many business that grow so quickly, some of the technological issues fell by the wayside. Legacy systems were ageing and starting to cause problems, with a lack of traceability in the supply chain and complex manual tax reporting leading to missed orders and difficulty managing standard business operations. Their high growth rate also led to high volumes of transactional data within their systems, which was leading to failures within a SAP Standard system that just couldn’t handle that amount of information. Lacking the in-house SAP expertise to adapt to new regulatory requirements and business challenges, Mayur Uniquoters sought external help to bring their systems up to date and streamline their business processes.

Invenio's Solution

In the first stages, Invenio conducted several value engineering workshops within Mayur Uniquoters with key members of staff. These workshops were designed to gather information about the various challenges the client faced and develop a tailored solution for them that met all party’s needs. Following on from these sessions, Invenio were able to;

  • Redefine the supply chain processes and the financial and taxation regulation requirements that needed to be met
  • Design and implement automated solutions to create effective procedures and communications between departments
  • Reengineer standard operation procedures throughout the business in order to transform traditional forms into conventional forms with both standardised and customisable elements
  • Replace the failing legacy SAP Standard systems with customised SAP Solutions to enhance the business environment
  • Seamlessly integrate all operational stream across multiple business areas in order to provide better Management Information System reporting, reliable product costing, rejection, analysis and the monitoring and tracking of shop floor stock and efficiency

This combination of solutions not only addressed the initial business challenges faced by Mayur Uniquoters, but also improved the efficiency and profitability of previously manual processes.

The Results

Thanks to an improved supply chain process, Mayur Uniquoters saw an immediate improvement in both their supplier and customer relationships, helping them fulfil their company values of increased customer satisfaction. This new, more flexible business solution also means they are well positioned to meet future demands of their ever-evolving marketplace. In addition to this, Mayur Uniquoters saw:

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