Business Process Assessment

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Businesses need to have streamlined processes and operations, but first, inefficiencies running through current systems must be identified. Our Business Process Assessment is designed to reveal and mitigate these inefficiencies, improve productivity and functionalities, and substantially reduce overheads.

To help you achieve your goals, our assessment consists of:

1. Defining assessment parameters and level of current state.

2. Assessing processes, using data, to define a future state.

3. Delivering the roadmap, business case and implementation plan.

Business benefits

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Our methodology

Our Business Process Assessment involves reviewing the relevant processes, including inputs, outputs, procedures, controls, actors, applications, data, technologies and their interactions to produce results. Our experts use the below methodology to understand every detail of your processes, in order to propose a solid foundation for improvement.

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Analysing processes and apps

Business process assessments begin with a thorough analysis of your existing procedures. A complete assessment includes all processes and applications running throughout the organisation.

Reengineering business processes

Once analysis is complete, processes are organised based on priority, workflows are streamlined, and controls are built into procedures. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) identifies the least possible work and the best business outcomes.

Supporting business processes

Our experts complete studies to ensure processes are effective. We provide support throughout implementation, to ensure that operations stay consistent and business remains uninterrupted.

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