Using digital transformation to optimise workplace productivity

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Digital transformation isn’t just about the technology, it’s a business transformation driven by your people. It’s about how technology can empower your people, engage your customers, optimise your operations, and transform your services.

Your people need to be able to work in a way which enables them to communicate and collaborate wherever they are. The current pandemic has drastically accelerated the demand for mobile working and organisations are striving to enable employees to easily access equipment, data, and systems, remotely.

Take supply chains for example. To reduce the gap between customer demands and what’s actually delivered by the organisation, businesses are on mission to integrate global operations and processes, align outcomes, and reduce long-term maintenance costs, which is no easy feat.

A collaborative landscape

To enable a collaborative landscape, businesses need to do more than subscribe to the latest technologies. It’s about the holistic joining of people, processes and tools – creating secure, mobile workplaces which form the baseline for innovative and flexible working practices to get the most out of your resources.

A digital workplace is one where your people, technology and organisational culture all work cohesively to:

  • Boost productivity
  • Optimise performance
  • Drive efficiencies
  • Create harmonious working environments

Our supply chain experts recently worked with a key client to embed a sophisticated edge in the business’s system management and tracking features. We implemented a centralised warehouse monitor and a custom designed mobile application, using SAP embedded Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

These effective features now keep users engaged and guided across all warehouse management activities, providing accurate and up-to-date information in real-time. This has helped our client to save around 3,500 hours of physical resources per month, and customer delivery is now twice as fast.

Eliminating manual processes by leveraging automated functions, means freeing up both time and physical resources, and maximising productivity levels, wherever your people are based.

Cloud-enabled technology

A digital cloud workplace addresses the barriers to productivity, allowing for secure, reliable, and accurate mobile communications without the need for office space or servers. Using a cloud-enabled platform can help your business to create more personal computing, automate operations, and reinvent productivity and business processes. A cloud-enabled digital transformation can help you:

  • Save significant time and effort on manual operations across your organisation
  • Enable innovation and continuous improvements
  • Be more secure

Secure productivity

Establish a productive, mobile and secure working environment aligned with your business’s digital transformation goals. This will give your employees the freedom to use their preferred devices without risking the security of business data, and transform your digital workplace in three ways:

1. Enable collaboration

    Use central management to make administration easy, avoiding the need to access every user’s system. Enable employees, customers, suppliers, and partners can communicate, collaborate and meet seamlessly together.

    2. Be mobile

      Use technology to ensure mobile connectivity to company data, emails and conferencing is reliable and effective. Embrace your employees working from their preferred devices, from the office, at home or elsewhere, and enable them to create, share and connect.

      3. Be more secure

      Centralise control and ensure your company data is protected across devices. To ensure high levels of effectiveness, enable a consistent security configuration profile across all devices, so fragmented IT is no longer a risk.


      Digital transformation is key to addressing current and future work environments to keep employees and customers engaged. Success can be only achieved when your technology works cohesively with your people, partners, suppliers, and customers. Well-integrated IT and a productive workplace environment can help your business benefit from sustained competitiveness, improved customer experiences, increased employee productivity and a robust security system.

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