Infrastructure, IoT and bots – using MuleSoft to bring technology together

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We are very excited to announce our 4 submissions to the MuleSoft Hackathon 2020. We’re proud of the work our team from Invenio has contributed to the #MuleSoftHackathon, hosted by MuleSoft!

How about saying ‘good morning’ to get your blinds up, get a coffee ready and have your toast ready? We’ve got you covered, check out this article to learn more about how you can talk to your toaster using MuleSoft.

While sipping your coffee, how about Alexa reading out the notifications of your servers - or even managing the complete IAAS by saying, ‘Alexa, what’s my CPU usage on PROD server?’. Learn more about commanding your IAAS to work for you and let Alexa give you every detail while you relax.

Are you already using MuleSoft?

Not just the IoT, we have also made it easy to control the MuleSoft infrastructure using bots.

As well as being readily deployable, the components are completely extendable and customisable. This submission is very exciting as it shows our Centre of Excellence’s (CoE) commitment and innovation towards the latest and cutting-edge technologies.

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