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Making data-driven decisions on real-time insights, empowers companies to thrive in an unsettled market. The power of managed data, supercharged by AI allows us to create value quickly by unlocking actionable insights to drive business value. Discover new revenue driven processes, early red-flag signalling, process optimisation, new customer segmentation discovery and much more.

Our customised approach to unique challenges

Every company comes with unique success criteria. Our consultants' industry knowledge enables them to adapt our reusable assets and standard solutions to ensure we bring value to every organisation. Some of our capabilities include:

Our AI Analytics & Data Capabilities:

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A unique approach to deliver for AI and ML Ops:

No two projects are the same but here is the invenioLSI delivery approach we take to help identify hidden potential. Here we ask how can we identify cashflow issues early in the process?

Some clients we've worked with:

Our aim is to quickly realise business value for each of our clients. Here are some ways we could help your business:

Analytics and AI can help businesses in countless aspects of creating extra value and optimising business processes. With so many options, it can be problematic to understand how best to apply the technology, for the best results. Our experts with their specific industry and analytical knowledge will enable your business to create a roadmap to think big, start small and scale fast.

How invenioLSI's 'Affirmative Risk Scoring' solution helps organisations to detect debtors early:

Affirmative Scoring is applied to historical data and real-time online behaviour, to find patterns that could not be detected manually to predict future behaviour and events.

The use of advanced analytics, data science and ML/AI techniques recognise customers that are identified as ‘dept risk’ profiles.

Our solution develops a 360 view of customers so companies can engage with their customers more effectively and increase debt collection through voluntary payment compliance. Early automatic digital nudge techniques can be used rather than reminder letters to reduce cost of debt collection.

The invenioLSI approach to predictive analytics maximises business value:

Predictive analytics primary focus is to optimise processes and create business value.

Using predictive analytics, retailers can predict what individual customers will buy next, manufacturers avoiding unexpected and costly machine breakdowns, and newspaper distributors can predict with accuracy the quantity of papers to deliver to individual retailers on any given day.

The process is normally underpinned by Machine Learning (ML), data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. However, this approach on its own will struggle to resolve many of today’s digital challenges. The invenioLSI approach is focussed on deriving value from a multi-pronged approach which fuses innovation, business value, and insights from AI and ML capabilities.

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