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AI & data-driven digital capabilities to address social vulnerability in the UK public sector

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AI & data-driven digital capabilities to address social vulnerability in the UK public sector

Supporting UK public sector (local Govt, Police and Healthcare providers and partners) in addressing social vulnerability (safeguarding and protective lives) with data-driven digital capabilities.

Live webinar

Date: Thursday, January 27, 2022

Time: 10 am GMT

Social vulnerability, isolation, mental health, violence and sexual offences, troubled families, domestic abuse and homelessness are highly complex in nature and require multi-team support and cross-government agencies to respond. With the power of invenioLSI’s data-driven digital capabilities, public bodies can develop solutions to carry out preventive and proactive interventions.

Attend this webinar to learn how AI and data-driven digital capabilities can help to:

  • Identify troubled families early on by designing appropriate intervention plans using AI, analytics, and digital capabilities (mobile apps, user experience, integration).
  • Understand and predict factors that lead to homelessness and how these can be tackled using data-driven and machine learning capabilities.
  • Use social sentiment analysis and citizen dialogue to determine the priorities and demands for the public
  • Create intelligent automation and citizen experience capabilities (RPA, mobility, UX solutions) to increase citizen engagement, transparency, and deliver operational efficiencies.

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Our invenioLSI Speakers

Sunayana Thakur

AVP & Digital AI Analytics champion

Sunayana Thakur, AVP Digital Solutions - comes with experience of close to 20 years designing and implementing digital -analytics, portal, mobile, cloud solutions for Media & Telecom Sectors. At invenioLSI she is a data evangelist and weaves tangible data stories for customers to attain their desired business outcomes.

Hannah Greedy

VP, Marketing

As VP of Marketing, Hannah has been heading up the marketing practice for over five years at invenioLSI. She will be hosting the webinar on social vulnerability bringing together the panellists and fielding questions from the audience.

Abir Chakraborty

Sr Principal Data Scientist & Advanced Analytics Specialist

Abir has over 18 years of experience in delivering large data science/big data/analytics programmes for global customers. He has delivered transformation projects in SAP Advanced Analytics which have helped in extracting tangible information from structured or unstructured data. At invenioLSI, he works with clients to help them gain a distinctive advantage among their peers by generating Actionable Insight from data.

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