Give a Man a Fish and He Will Live for a Day. Teach Him to Fish and He Will Live a Lifetime.

Invenio Supports The Sharnam Sansthan Charity.

This October, during Diwali, the Invenio Team took the opportunity to support the Sharnam Sansthan charity in Dharavi, India. Sharnam is a part of the CORP Community Outreach Program and provides shelter, food, education and helps create a better future to abandoned and orphaned girls.
IMG_0679The charity currently house 36 girls with an age group ranging from 3 to 22 years. They have 20 centres in 13 different underprivileged neighbourhoods.  The motto for CORP and their vision for the future is “Give a man a fish and he will live for a day. Teach him to fish and he will live a lifetime”.

Invenio and its hearted team managed to raise INR 22,890 (£233.74) for the charity. The team rolled their sleeves up and joined hands to make this a successful charity push, it has been really wonderful to see how everyone from Invenio’s Indian team came forward to contribute for this cause and the funds have already been put to good use.

Part of the fund has been used to provide essentials for the orphan girl which should last up to 2 months such as rice, dal, oil, sugar and toiletries. Some of Invenio’s staff personally went to deliver the gifts to the charity. The team had the privilege of spending some valuable time with the children and the care taker of the shelter.

The rest of the fund has been extended to our team in Hyderabad.  They are running a drive to support the relief measures of the government for the HUD HUD affected people in the Andhra Belt. The donations will reach out to the people of Andhra who have had to face innumerable hardships because of this natural calamity.

For more information on the project you can visit