Concordia International (Formerly AMCo)

Invenio update Conconcordia's SAP landscape and provide ongoing maintenance

Concordia International is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical development company, dedicated to bringing its portfolio of niche medications to patients in over 100 countries across the world. Concordia International is the result of the acquisition by Concordia International Corp of the AMCo group. This synergy of talents is highly complementary, and this has fuelled the considerable growth of Concordia over the last few years. Concordia plans to continue this trend of acquiring more brands to build a truly global pharmaceutical company. 

IT Director Bhavesh Godhania, talks about the Concordia (formerly AMCo) success story

Invenio's Solution

In order to support the continued growth of Concordia, Invenio were brought on board to update the existing systems and provide ongoing maintenance and support in the future. Our technical team started by implementing an application managed services package, in order to streamline business functions and combat operational challenges. They also implemented an Electronic Data Interface system for their current UDG-Forely system which provides world class information systems using an in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. Using this Invenio were able to integrate their distributors in order to show real-time transactional data. Invenio’s team also:

Dual reporting

Migrated the general ledger and introduced a parallel ledger to enable statutory financial reporting along with the change in fiscal year

Increased control

Applied uniformity at the clustered database level in order to eliminate the duplication of data entry between head office and individual branches

Faster reporting

Implemented quick report generation functionality to dramatically cut time spent creating reports by management

Improved efficiency

Streamlined business processes in order to help Concordia realise their vision of becoming an industry leader outperforming competitors in the market

The Results

Driven by a desire to become a market leader, Concordia embraced new technologies to streamline their business practices across the board and surpass their competition at every level. By opting to implement SAP and ERP solutions, they saw a reduction in complexity and a significant drop in operational costs, thanks to an integrated supply chain model. They also saw an improved return on their capital expenditure and significantly enhanced data transparency. This new ability to view reports and detailed analysis helped Concordia realise the value of SAP to their business. Concordia were able to become rapidly compliant with the restrictive quality and regulatory requirements in their industry. They also saw an improvement in stock management, unit proliferation and price management during promotions, due to the automated solution. Moreover, they saw:


savings due to faster implementation


improvement in sales


tracking and recording of material movements, both in and out of manufacturing plants

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