Points to Consider When Choosing a SAP Support Partner

As pressure continues to grow within organisations to rationalise support and maintenance spend, it is now more important than ever to mitigate as many risks as possible when choosing your SAP Support Partner. The last thing any IT Head or CFO wants to do is try to justify expenditure on support providers that can’t deliver.

As part of the selection process, you will want reassurance that the partner(s) you are considering have the right expertise and experience necessary to provide the service levels you need. You need to be confident that your partner can deal with every eventuality that may arise, promptly and effectively, so that you can ensure your critical SAP applications can maintain optimal levels of operation.

However, with so many partners in the market, finding the right one for your specific needs can be a challenge. To help you get a sense of what you need to consider, here are the top three points our customers considered critical when looking for a new partner:

1. A responsive, knowledgeable service
All consultants dealing in any aspect of support must be fully trained and qualified for the job. Sounds like a simple request, but many companies may use inexperienced or under-qualified staff as resources on projects. As an example, many customers came to Invenio for help because of frequent call escalations and delays in previous query resolutions. A primary culprit for this was in dealing with junior personnel who lack the required depth of SAP knowledge.

Potential support partners should always make it clear to you how they go about recruiting, training and also retaining their staff. And they should always commit to only deploying fully trained, experienced consultants as a part of your agreement.

2. A commitment to service standards
SAP sets clear standards, guidelines and accreditations for a good reason. There are many companies in the market today that claim to have the right SAP implementation and support expertise, but fail to deliver on that promise. This is why SAP introduce accreditations such as the SAP Partner Centre of Expertise Accreditation (PCoE).

The certification process itself is a rigorous assessment that covers a SAP Partner’s entire support centre, including support staff, support processes and infrastructure. Certification validates that a support organisation can meet every requirement needed to provide high-quality services to its customers, and it is now a mandatory process that partners must achieve when selling and delivering SAP support. If your support partner of choice isn’t showing this badge, consider why and whether they are the correct support partner.

3. A proven track record
Finally, you want to look for a support partner that has a proven history in delivering and supporting high quality, well managed projects. A support partner needs to be transparent with its customers. Reassurance should always be sought by soliciting customer references on how well a partner is meeting their service and support commitments. Any company that hides this information is hiding something for a reason (and probably not a good one!)

Next steps…
If you are looking to find a new SAP Support partner but are unsure about the options available for your business, Invenio offer in-depth, advisory meetings to help you explore the most suitable option available for your business. For more information contact us