5 Ways the Invenio P2P SAP Solution Tool is Different

Managing staff, suppliers, services, orders, invoices etc. etc (the list could go on) takes a huge amount of time, resource and most importantly money. The recession has shown us that stricter controls need to be pursued within companies of all sizes, in all locations and in all sectors to maintain a smooth operation. It is becoming increasingly clear that huge difficulties arise when managing multiple business sections with systems that do not relate or “talk” to each other. This is why Invenio took the initiative and designed a Procure to Pay system, for SAP users, that can really integrate across the whole business.

As procurement increases in maturity and plays a more vital role in many organisations, companies are seeing the importance of one global P2P system. The Invenio P2P Solution tool can offer a company the opportunity to do more than just shave a few pounds here and there (which is something most off the shelf P2P systems can help with). But it can actually re-engineer the way in which the process happens and is managed (on an international scale). Meaning you can save in areas not only from external suppliers but also internally as it reduces many of the heavy logistical and laborious tasks.

In this short 2 minute video, We take a look at 5 ways our P2P tool is different from any other P2P system on the market and why you should consider this as an important financial tool to cut costs, save time and bring the whole supplier management together into one, global portal.

If this video has sparked some interest and you would like to know more about Invenio P2P Solution, you can visit our Invenio P2P Solution page for more details or see it in action for yourself with a live demonstration.