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How Tax Agencies can use Big Data

Tax authorities these days face challenges across the board, but recently tax evasion, fraud, insufficient taxpayer compliance and data overload are the main topics addressed by international media. With the availability and sourcing of data and information, more and more, people and organisations believe in data analytics to gain value out of Big Data. Since […]

The Top Three Challenges in Tax and Revenue Collection

Creating a sustainable tax system that can collect tax in an easy, efficient and cost effective manner is a goal that many Central Governments around the world share. To improve efficiency and reduce costs the UK Government have recently released a digital strategy outlining 25 services which will be improved with the use of digitisation. […]

Global Co-operation in Combatting Tax Avoidance Grows…

According to a report by British accountant, Richard Murphy, tax evasion equates to some 18 percent of global tax collections. And, says Reuters correspondent David Cay Johnston in his blog post Where’s the fraud Mr President “Murphy’s $3 trillion estimate, 5 percent of the global economy, shows how a combination of weak rules on accounting […]

Tax Evasion, is SAP Tax and Revenue Management the Answer?

Curbing tax evasion has long been a priority for Governments globally, with Revenue Collection Agencies using increasingly sophisticated methods to detect possible fraud and recoup monies owed to help close the tax gap. Industry solutions like SAP Tax and Revenue Management can help Revenue Authorities to increase efficiencies in the collection process, but what else […]