Invenio Business Solutions Delivers Implementation of SAP ERP, IS-Media and Broadcast Solution for Standard Media Group

IQ Winnersh, READING, UK –04 August 2015The Standard Media Group (TSMG), one of the largest publishing houses in Kenya selected SAP Gold Partner, Invenio Business Solutions, to implement a comprehensive SAP ERP & IS-Media solution across its organisation. The initial roll-out was completed in just six months, enabling TSMG to utilise SAP and transition its business from a manually operated system, to a fully automated business.

TSMG has dramatically increased the efficiency and accuracy of its processes. Invenio played a crucial role as lead implementation partner in the project and continues to provide ongoing technical support since the completion of the implementation.

TSMG is a modern media organisation with a diverse business portfolio, comprising traditional and new media outlets and services including, the printing and distribution of newspapers including The Standard Newspaper, the oldest newspaper in East Africa, as well as broadcasting of television and radio, and internet and outdoor services.

TSMG’s management was unable to attain a clear view on how the organisation was performing and had poor access to data with the previous manual system which was in place. Information continued to be late and lacked accurate detail leading to a poor critical decision making process and reduced profitability. For example, the business had no visibility or data about the number of sales and returns of print publications across sales outlets. It was also challenging to control revenue leakages and fraudulent activity from internal and external customers.

By automating its business processes with SAP, TSMG has been able to control these major revenue leakages, and has streamlined the sales and returns process. It also has better visibility of the number of transactions completed, increased inter-departmental efficiency through transparency and integration and introduced real time analysis to adapt its market strategy for different regions, maximising profits.

TSMG relied on Invenio’s technical expertise as an SAP Gold Partner, to ensure that the business transformation was as smooth as possible. To make this automation successful, it chose to work with a specialised SAP implementation provider with vast experience in Media. Invenio’s knowledge of the media market and its customers also provided TSMG with the right consultancy and advice to take full advantage of their business change.

Orlando Lyomu, Finance Director, Standard Media Group said, “This is a significant transition for our business. We selected Invenio Business Solutions to switch from an ineffective, manual operated system to an automated and integrated system to improve efficiency and accuracy across the group. This was made possible through having a committed and experienced partner who has an expert team available 24/7. The speed of implementation for the initial phase means we are realising the benefits of SAP even more quickly than anticipated and reducing the time to achieving ROI. The reassurance which Invenio offers us around support and maintenance also gives me great confidence that we will continue to drive the maximum benefit from our SAP investment as time progresses.”

Partho Bhattacharya, CEO, Invenio Business Solutions, commented, “Many organisations still have outdated, manual, business processes which waste time and money and are often laden with inaccuracies. In order to keep up with the competition in this day and age, both up-to-date technology and know-how surrounding the implementation is essential. We are so pleased to deliver this project in Standard Media Group, who worked very hard with us on making the project successful”.


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About Invenio

Invenio Business Solutions is an award-winning Business System Provider, head quartered in Reading, UK. The company supports 45 customers in the government, media and manufacturing segments, in areas that include industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP), tax and revenue management, business intelligence, big data, mobility, CRM and integration solutions. Formed in 2006, the company has subsidiary offices in India, Germany, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the U.S.A. Throughout its history, Invenio has grown rapidly, organically and profitably. Invenio is a constituent of The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for 2012, 2013 and 2014. Invenio is a SAP Gold partner and recipient of numerous awards from SAP including EMEA Regional Partner Excellence Award 2014 in the category “Database & Technology” for its work with SAP HANA®.  Invenio is also accredited for SAP’s global partner quality program.

About Standard Media Group

The Standard Group Limited (also The Standard Media Group) is an integrated media house headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Its brands include The Standard newspaper, The Nairobian weekly, Publishers Distribution Services (PDS) that distributes local and international magazines and periodicals, Kenya Television Network (KTN) and KTN News Channels, Radio Maisha, Think Outdoor (billboards) and Online business under the trade name of Standard Digital. The Standard Media Group which was founded in 1902, is listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange and has bureau offices spread throughout the country. The Group and its journalists have won numerous Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA) sweeping several categories for print and television reporting and is also an INMA (International News Media Association) award winner for the Public Service category. Renown for some of the most cutting edge journalism, The Standard Media Group is considered the home of journalistic talent. Read more at:

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How to Increase Productivity in Manufacturing

Only last Manufacturing SAPyear, industry body EEF found that more than a quarter of UK manufacturers lagged behind rivals because they invest less in innovation. This has resulted in them struggling to remain competitive, particularly in today’s globalised economy.

With that in mind, it’s great to see that one year on, the manufacturing industry is taking steps towards changing this. EEF’s research from June this year found that it is now investing more heavily in technology and skills to help boost productivity. The idea behind this investment is to drive competition today, and secure future growth in the industry.

While this will have a positive impact, there is a lot more manufacturers should be doing. By following the below three steps, they can make this development faster, smoother and more effective.

  1. Forge relationships

In today’s global economy, markets are complex and barriers to smooth operation are endless – language, legal and consumer preference to name a few. Industry knowledge and understanding of each of the markets is important for manufacturers who want to continue to grow.

Having all this expertise in house is almost an impossible task and so forging the right business relationships is key. Partners who have specific tech knowhow can help remove any headaches that arise as a result of changing legislation for example. By building the right relationships, complexity can be eliminated, enabling manufacturers to concentrate on increasing productivity.

  1. Understand your customers

If manufacturers are to effectively serve customers beyond the core products they offer, they must look to build a better understanding of them. Knowing their customer, understanding what they do and the challenges they face is a good starting point. But this should be extended to include having a deep knowledge of the industry in which they operate.

This will not only help to solve short time crises but through a consultative and integrated approach, this will also mean they can better support in the long term, planning for growth and strategic change.

  1. Simplify the supply chain

Traditionally, most supply chains were designed from the factory outwards and focused on optimising supplier operations, particularly in terms of cost and efficiency. The rules of competition are changing though – customers are more demanding, products are more easily copied and markets are commoditised.

This has resulted in increasing customer complexity and changing competition, presenting UK manufactures with a new challenge. In order to truly succeed, manufacturers need to reduce the number of suppliers. By consolidating these and being more open and transparent, manufacturers will quickly build trust with customers which will help them increase productivity.

The increased investment in UK manufacturing is a step in the right direction and will undoubtedly result in greater productivity. However, there is still a lot more they can do. This development will be a lot more effective if they review how they do business. Forging the right business relationships, gaining an understanding of the pain points their customers face and making the supply chain as simple as possible will futureproof the UK’s manufacturing industry.

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