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Invenio Solutions’ Partho Bhattacharya talks procurement, business growth, and the cloud

Tell us about your company, how long have you been in IT and what are your areas of expertise?

Invenio Business Solutions is a specialised business solutions consultancy working across a number of industries. We provide our customers with transformational and run-support work using SAP technologies and other integration tools. Our tax and revenue management systems for central government help maximise tax collection and reduce evasion and fraud management for public sector clients. We help customers in manufacturing reduce operating costs and we work in all areas of media like music and television, helping clients maximise their revenues and reduce costs. Invenio is a global business with 11 offices worldwide and we feel that transparency, building strong customer relationships and offering good value for money is essential.

I have personally been in IT for the last 30 years, working for the likes of IBM, Siemens and Tata.

What motivates you right now?

Partho_InvenioWinning customers and delivering value to them to help them grow is an exciting business to be involved in and it continues to motivate us every day. Because of this drive, we have won a number of awards for growth, quality and business success and have been included in the Sunday Times Tech Track for the last three years running. We want to continue to be recognised for delivering great customer service across our extensive client portfolio.What has been your favourite project so far?

We’ve been involved in a lot of exciting projects, so choosing one is difficult. Something I’m really proud of is an SAP based procurement portal we developed from scratch. This portal is for the media industry and we deployed it to 130,000 global suppliers. Deploying it in an integrated manner with SAP finance systems with full internal controls was a great achievement. This has delivered great value to customers every day, increasing efficiency and saving them a great deal of money.

What tech were you involved with ten years ago?

I’ve been working with business systems for well over ten years and have seen many major developments. The expansion of software capabilities, social media integration and customer facing portals has pushed the industry miles ahead of where it was a decade ago.

What tech do you expect to be using in ten years’ time?

I believe IT will become a lot more social and the difference between personal and professional use of devices will evaporate. No one will carry two mobile phones and laptops will disappear, with more people using tablets and mobile devices. We should be able to work from anywhere and the concept of offices will change for good.

Who’s your tech hero?

Bill Gates, especially because of the way he uses his personal wealth for philanthropy.

Who’s your tech villain?

It’s difficult to name one. But the overall level of piracy that has increased with developments in technology is continuing to damage the content based media industry.

What’s your favourite technology ever made? Which do you use most?

My Macbook Air. I absolutely love it.

What’s the greatest challenge for an IT company/department today?

The biggest challenge for IT departments is to understand what their roles and responsibilities are within the wider business. IT will only survive if it is able to support the business as a whole.

Apart from your own, which company do you admire the most and why?

There are a lot of great IT companies around, from start-ups to multinationals. I really admire Google, they have completely transformed our lives in the last 10 years. Now everyone knows everything!

To Cloud or not to Cloud?

Cloud. The human cost of not using cloud will slowly kill on-premise IT infrastructure. Only the biggest companies will have the choice of not using cloud in a few years.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

I wanted to be a doctor, but I was not a good enough student for that!



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Invenio Business Solutions Appoints Former SAP Executive Vijay Reddy as Their Global Client Director

IQ Winnersh, READING, UK – 05 June 2015. Invenio Business Solutions are pleased to announce the appointment of their new Global Client Director, Vijay Reddy. Vijay’s appointment will help establish the newly created Customer Management Zone within Invenio. Vijay will be responsible for managing and improving Invenio’s customer relationships across all lines of business and technology deliveries, he will also be responsible for overseeing Invenio’s strategic accounts.

Vijay brings with him over 25 years’ rich experience within global SAP consulting, 15 of those at SAP itself where he was head of global delivery, managing a team of around 2000 people across India, China and South America. He has also previously held positions with DEC, IBM and HCLTech where he managed a global team of 4,000+ consultants . Vijay has great experience in setting up and managing global consulting units to deliver IT services to customers across the world especially on SAP platform.

Commenting on his appointment, Vijay said: “I have been watching Invenio as an amazing success story over the last few years, it is well known that Invenio have a team of enormously talented SAP experts that deliver excellent SAP services and I am pleased to join the team to help increase customer relationships and help them build a better future”.

Invenio’s Managing Director, Partho Bhattacharya, concluded. “We are delighted and extremely excited to welcome Vijay to the Invenio team. Vijay will hold an important role as we go through a period of further growth and transformation. Vijay has a long track record within SAP consulting and is a well-known figure within the space. With his huge library of knowledge and skills, we will no doubt see a massive impact not only internally but for our customers as well”.

You can download the press release here

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