Pushed to Save Money AND Outrun Your Competitors? “Not Possible” You Say? Well, We Think Differently.

Many organisations are piling the pressure onto their finance and procurement departments to drive down costs and make savings. But there is a fine line with ‘Quality over Price’. Companies want to drive down costs but still maintain a competitive advantage without compromising on quality. There is also added pressures to drive efficiency, and deliver ‘more with less’. In the business world, technology keeps raising its head again and again when transformations are taking place.

However, technology alone doesn’t drive down costs, collaborating with your internal and external stakeholders is key and the technology should underpin this to make the operation seamless.  Technology providers should now be shifting their approach from the current ‘technology solutions’ to a ‘business focussed solutions’

Most procurement functions made unprecedented savings during the economic downturn and they are now being asked to not only uphold but magnify those outcomes going forward. Accomplishing this means leveraging lessons learned, which in turn requires visibility into spending and the ability to employ stringent compliance measures usually world-wide. There are certain goals when growing an organisation and why a global, seamless, procure to pay system is vital to an organisations success.

Using a procure to pay portal which allows your suppliers to proactively manage multiple aspects of your trading relationship, including new supplier registration, quotations, proposals, work orders and invoices removes a lot of the burden from internal teams. It can also support:

••Globalisation – As companies globalise, so do their supply bases. New relationships introduce more complexities into the procurement functions. Embracing globalisation while mitigating potential risks calls for strong supplier collaboration and performance management, along with new levels of supply base intelligence.

••Mobility – Most functions including procurement is no longer a 9-to-5 operation. It is a 24×7 discipline that requires informed, just-in-time decision making. What was once a function readily managed at the desktop now requires new functionality to empower an agile and mobile procurement team that can respond to the immediate needs of the business.

••Efficiency – The effort to optimise processes and push them out to the suppliers grows. Having systems that embed best practices while supporting easy-to-use procurement technology is imperative.

Whether you’re seeking immediate savings to help your organisation or looking for core procurement principles to set the pace for long-term gains, procure-to-pay optimisation can help you achieve your goals.

Invenio’s P2P Solution does just that and can help companies using SAP to dramatically cut costs in non-revenue generating purchasing activities helping you get a step ahead of your competitors. The unique IP in Invenio Procure to Pay (P2P) portal for is example of latest innovation for driving real results for customers.

If you are interested in hearing more you can register for our webinar at this email – info@invenio-solutions.com