Phase One SAP Tax and Revenue Management Project Goes Live in Maldives

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority accomplishes landmark IT modernisation project for improved tax and revenue collection
Invenio breaks new ground in the successful deployment of SAP Tax and Revenue Management and SAP Taxpayer Online Services for the Republic of Maldives in under 6 months.

miraInvenio today announced that it has successfully concluded the first phase of a landmark tax and revenue management modernisation project for the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA). Phase One of the project, completed with technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank, sees the country move to a new SAP Tax and Revenue Management (SAP TRM) platform that enables the Maldivian tax authority to manage multiple tax types in one, integrated system. In addition, Maldivian taxpayers can now access the SAP Taxpayer Online Services (TPOS) portal to register and submit tax returns for the Business Profit and Goods & Services tax types.

The Republic of Maldives is a nation of 1,192 islands – making it one of the most geographically dispersed countries in the world. It is probably best known, however, as being one of the world’s foremost destinations for luxury travel – with many award-winning hotels and resorts located in the country. To help support sustained economic growth, the Government wanted to deliver a simplified, one-stop solution which would help their taxpaying community to manage their tax affairs more easily.

Mr Mohamed Faisal, Director, ICT said: “Prior to using SAP TRM, our tax collections were managed using various legacy systems – one for each different tax type. Managing multiple systems made it difficult for us to consolidate information and get one view of tax income. The aim of this project is to have one system across all tax types to aid the efficiency of our tax administration, and make it easier for our citizens and business owners to manage their tax affairs.”

To help deliver the project, a team of SAP TRM specialists from leading SAP Gold Channel Partner Invenio Business Solutions, were appointed to support MIRA in implementing the new solution. Martin Sobotka, Head of Public Sector Services for Invenio said: “Invenio offer significant expertise in delivering high-performance SAP TRM and TPOS solutions – which is a rare skill, in a very niche area. Having looked at the objectives of the implementation we were very confident that we could successfully add value to the project and deliver a solution in line with MIRA’s expectations”.

Phase One of the project focused on delivering the core of the Maldivian tax solution which, despite challenging timeframes, was successfully completed by the Invenio team in just under 6 months. As a result, MIRA can now process tax declarations and tax registrations for the most important tax types. Mr Ahmed Shareef, Director General, Return & Payment Processing said: “We are very happy with the support and expertise that the Invenio team has delivered in helping us to embark on this landmark project – and we are pleased that they have delivered on their commitment of delivering Phase One in such a short timeframe. Invenio has done a very good job in implementing this first phase, and we found they were very responsive in helping to deliver a solid platform from which we can now manage the Business Profit Tax and Goods & Services Tax”.

To aid the initiative, and make it easier for taxpayers to transition to the new tax administration process, MIRA has been proactive in implementing a scheme that helps train users in how to use the new system. This initiative has so far garnered a very positive response from their users in terms of the user-friendliness and functionality of the system.

male5Phase Two of the project, financed by the Asian Development Bank, is due to commence in July 2013 and is expected to be finalised by the end of 2013. This second phase will see the system extended to facilitate new form-based and object-based taxes and will also deliver additional SAP Taxpayer Online Services functions that will help taxpayers to manage more and more of their tax affairs online. Martin Sobotka, Head of Public Sector Services at Invenio said: “The project has delivered a very stable foundation for the entire management of the tax and revenue management lifecycle across all upcoming tax types. We very much look forward to working with the team at MIRA in scoping and delivering even more value from the system in the next few months, including enhanced reporting features using state-of-the-art SAP technology”.

Mr Yazeed Mohamed, Commissioner General of Taxation, has overall responsibility for Tax Administration in the Republic of Maldives. Mr Mohamed was able to offer valuable advice to other government administrations who may be considering a project of this scale. He says “Change management and communication management are critical aspects in a project implementation of this magnitude, and I would advise my counterparts in other tax administrations to ensure that these elements of the project are managed very carefully throughout the lifecycle of the project to help assure a successful outcome”. Mr Mohamed concluded: “We believe that Invenio is a capable business partner that offers the right expertise and commitment to ensure this project continues to a successful outcome. We are looking forward to embarking upon Phase Two with Invenio and believe that the Maldivian tax administration will become a standard bearer for best practice in supporting the development of a national economy”.

For a download copy of the press release click here: MIRA Landmark SAP TRM Implementation