Invenio Pioneers French Language Offshore SAP Support

LONDON, UK–04 June 2010.

Invenio have today announced the introduction of a landmark French- speaking offshore support centre, wholly dedicated to supporting SAP clients with French-speaking business operations. Building on the success of Invenio’s English-language support operations, this ground-breaking service offers SAP users access to high-quality, native French-language support, at the same levels of affordability that are available to their English speaking counterparts.

Partho Bhattacharya, Managing Director said: “The introduction of this centre gives CIOs their first ever opportunity to incorporate an element of French-speaking offshore capability into their SAP support strategy. We have used our experience in providing English-language support to build a team of talented, French mother-tongue SAP professionals, to offer high-quality solutions expertise and support. We believe the centre marks the beginning of a transformation in the SAP support services model for French-speaking companies by offering a unique way to counterbalance the high costs associated with retaining full-service onshore SAP expertise.”

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