FSN Press Coverage: Mid-Market ERP Vendors Spread their Wings

The paucity of mid-market resellers geared up to serving ambitious medium sized enterprises appears to be a gaping hole. Cambridge OnLine a top reseller of Microsoft Dynamics Nav, is one of small band of re-sellers that recognises it is time to call change in the way that services are delivered to mid-sized companies that operate internationally.

Ray Olds, a director and founder of Cambridge Online told FSN, “We are seeing a growing number of clients expanding across Europe but the traditional dealership model is too parochial and caters very poorly for their needs. Up until now companies have had the choice of large and expensive ERP systems or fending for themselves on a country by country basis which means that they miss out on a globally consistent approach.”

According to Olds, even operationally diverse (heterogeneous) multi-nationals can benefit from a cohesive and unified approach to business processes, technology and human capital. “It is about striking an appropriate balance between local and group needs, taking care to accommodate local custom, culture and business practice,” Olds told FSN.

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