Invenio Helps Companies Manage their Corporate Social Charters with SAP

LONDON, UK– 4th May 2009.

Invenio today announced that it is launching two new initiatives to help companies further their CSR and environmental credentials. The services are aimed at existing SAP customers and will enable them to incorporate their CSR and Environmental Policies within SAP.

The first offering is the creation of a CSR Report that is the first step to realising an integrated, business – wide CSR system that’s fully managed, monitored and measured within SAP. Partho Bhattacharya, Invenio’s Managing Director said “we have seen a huge rise in the number of customers that are developing and embracing a Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The reaction from the IT industry has been to launch a number of software solutions that are designed to monitor, manage and support the CSR process. However, Invenio believe that for those businesses who have already invested in SAP, it absolutely makes sense to incorporate CSR within the framework of SAP.

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