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Reading, United Kingdom – 10th of April, 2017 – Invenio announced today, that its office based in Delhi, has been awarded the ISO 27001:2013 certification.

In order to receive the ISO 27001:2013 certification, Invenio needed to meet specific requirements.  ISO 27001:2013 is the international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). ISMS consists of a set of policies and procedures for methodically managing the security of organisation’s sensitive data. It minimises the risks and protects not only the company’s information, but clients, partners and employee’s information.

As a part of the ISO 27001:2013 certification, Invenio went through a detailed audit of the IT infrastructure and Facility Management, Human Resources, Delivery and Procurement departments. The audit aimed to review and approve the implementation of Invenio’s ISMS, including methods of risk assessment and treatment. It demonstrated that Invenio’s ISMS implementation effectively meets ISO 27001:2013 standards, and regulatory requirements. The certification provides confidence to both customers and employees and customers with the confidence that Invenio has a secure system for the exchange and storage of information. It is a step towards building a culture of security throughout the whole organisation. Due to the efficiency of Invenio’s team, the whole process was completed in much shorter period compared to minimum six months that it usually takes.

Invenio’s Chief Operating Officer, Arun Bala, commented: “We are extremely happy that we were able to achieve this certification in such a short time. It is a milestone in our quality journey and the next step for us would be to certify all of the other Invenio offices.”



 About Invenio: Invenio Business Solutions is an award-winning company, headquartered in Reading, UK, which solves complex business challenges with technology based solutions. The company has experience and expertise in public sector (tax and revenue management), media, entertainment, technology, public sector, manufacturing and logistics and pharmaceuticals. Formed in 2006 Invenio has subsidiary offices in Germany, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India and USA with a 450-strong workforce.

 About ISO: The International Organisation for Standardisation is an independent, non-governmental international organisation. It consists of 162 national standards bodies, which bring together their experts, who share knowledge and develop market relevant International Standards. ISO has published 21554 International Standards and related documents, covering almost every industry, from technology, to food safety, to agriculture and healthcare.

dots5,000+ products, 27 distribution centres and over 20 years of business. How did a leading manufacturer replace disparate technology systems and improve business transparency?

Team Invenio were called upon for help. The client first conducted an internal needs analysis and drew up a shortlist of potential mid-tier solutions to review. Included in that list was SAP, it was clear that the business required a tier-one system and it was decided that  SAP would be the most appropriate choice for the business. As the parent company were an established user of SAP it would provide them with an additional support  and expertise should it be needed.

Following a swift implementation of SAP, the manufacturer was soon working with complete transparency across the business, within the implementation process they also discovered that they could reduce headcount in both warehousing and order processing through improved processes which saved them £££.

As SAP is incredibly robust, it simply means the information it produces is right, first time, every time, giving confidence in the numbers and 100% clarity across the business.

After the initial SAP implementation the manufacturer decided to look for an external SAP Support Partner to help them maintain their system. Although the support had run ok in the past the manufacturer, had noticed deteriorating service levels. As they retain a very small SAP team they really needed access to the right experts fast! So ultimately felt there was a real risk to the business if they didn’t combine this with external support. So for a second time, the manufacturer leaned on Invenio’s shoulders and have stayed there ever since!

The client referred to Invenio as liking the honesty and openness of the Invenio team.  The customer stated “The response times and service have been amazing and someone always gets on to any problems we raise straight away. In terms of the knowledge of the consultants we interact with, this is exceeding expectations, and the expertise available in the team is exceptional”.

But the benefits of working with Invenio don’t stop there! As there were some projects the manufacturer had placed on the back burner but with Invenio’s incredible cost structure, the manufacturer are revisiting these projects to look at what they can introduce.

This fantastic customer journey continues….

Manufacturing SAPWhilst the recent economic downturn hit the service industries hard, for manufacturers here in the UK, recessionary pressures were hardly a new phenomenon.  The rise of the emerging economies – rich in both labour and resource – combined with a strong pound, has seen manufacturing output in decline for many years.

Fortunately, the UK has seen positive trends from manufacturing. The manufacturing industry is growing and with it the industry is employing over 2.5 million staff in the UK alone and continues to see growth which suggests demand for British goods is still strong. EEF also states that exports are a major source of growth for many manufacturers; over 90% of EEF members are exporters with nearly 40% exporting more than half of their turnover.

Although a scary thought at first,globalisation has created significant opportunities for British manufacturing, and UK companies definitely are rising to the challenge. Growth in Asia and other emerging markets are providing significant new export potential; offsetting the more disappointing performance in some parts of the euro area. In China in 2012 saw sales of UK automobiles increase up by 60% and this figure continues to grow through 2014.

The UK boasts many successful, highly innovative and well-managed manufacturing companies. A big question is how can British manufacturers position themselves not only to capitalise on domestic market opportunity, but look ahead to priming operations to take advantage of demand in the emerging economies? Whether through sourcing raw material, shifting production plants or joining the growing trend toward the trade of British manufactured goods in the eastern economies – what can companies do to ensure a readiness for business on a global scale?

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